In December, we phased out the Object Storage free tier and its 75GB related storage capacity that was free every month.

Due to an issue in our emailing tool, you were not part of the official announcement and therefore you were not informed that billing started from December 1st, 2023. We apologize for that and we’ve worked to avoid the same scenario happening again.

A voucher equivalent to three months of free Object storage based on your December invoice has been applied to your account to cover your billing for January, February and March, 2024.

If you were not paying for Scaleway services before the end of the free tier, it is possible that your payment method has expired and that your account has been locked. In such a case, we have just unlocked your account so you can add a new payment method to continue using the service.

If you are not willing to continue using Scaleway Object Storage, you can also delete your bucket before voucher expiry.