我记得最开始最开始,google免费邮局每个域名可以开通最多500个用户账号。后来减少到了50个。 刚刚说到封邮件,5月10日起新注册的免费邮局,最多只能开通10个用户账号,超过的话就要求使用收费服务鸟……不过现有用户不受此限制,依然是自身之前的最高限额。 Hello, We recently announced upcoming changes to the maximum number of users for Google Apps. We want to let you know that, as a current customer, the changes will not affect you. As of May 10, any organization that signs up for a new account will be required to use the paid Google Apps for Business product in order to create more than 10 users. We honor our commitment to all existing customers and will allow you to add more than 10 users to your account for at no additional charge, based on the limit in place when you joined us. Sincerely, The Google Apps Team